Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair!

There was a major invitro research study conducted by Sweden Medical experts on the effects of the Spike proteins from the Covid mRNA vaccines and antibodies published in several medical journals which found several alarming discoveries. What they discovered, concerning the effects of this spike protein was:

  1. Spike protein can/ and does in fact invade the nucleus of cells where DNA is.

  2. Spike protein impairs the ability for DNA to be repaired.

  3. Spike protein DNA impairments prevents the body’s immune system to function properly causing the body unable to fight off an infection

  4. Spike protein DNA impairments cause serious risk for development of cancerous cells

  5. There is potential risk for the Spike proteins to invade an attack B & T cells leading to an HIV type virus. In other words, the original spike proteins from the sars2 virus is a respiratory virus and does not initially attack the B & T cells. However, when the Spike proteins from the mRNA vaccines prevent DNA within those cells from being repaired and the cell begins to break down, if a leak occurs within that cell, mRNA from invaded cells with spike protein can escape and now attack any and all other cells within the body including the B & T cells causing HIV. 

The Conclusion of this research study suggest and highly recommends that Covid mRNA vaccines SHOULD NOT use the full spike protein but rather suggest using only partial forms or fragments of the Spike protein.

This Medical Doctor explains the findings of this explosive research study perfectly:








References on the Study from Sweden can be found here: