Religious Exemption Request for COVID Vaccines

As mentioned in our statement of beliefs, we do not support the COVID19 vaccines. It is against our ministry  bylaws and beliefs to engage, support, or participate in abortion   or  in any activities, products, medications, or vaccines in association with abortion. Covid-19  vaccines use fetal cell lines in development. The Tribe of Christians Ministry and  ministry members exclusively hold the right to abstain from  vaccines that violate  our  Biblically ordained faith through the Biblical text,   granted through the United States Constitution 1st Amendment Rights. 


Our ministry provides religious exemptions for those who are Biblically, morally, and spiritually convicted against the COVID vaccine for work, education/school, military members, daycare, etc. ​

Most employers have their own forms they require their employees to fill out. Some employers or organizations are specific and will not except photo copies but must obtain original document/ink signature. Be sure to research, know, and follow their guidelines. For military personnel, use your chain of command submission/request process. 

Our ministry cannot legally fill out your form for you but we can sign in representation as your church/pastor/clergy representation and issue a letter of certification and authenticity in addition to your form. We also encourage each member to include their own personal testimony statement in their religious exemption request. 

Please email your information regarding your request to:

****There was a major invitro research study conducted by Sweden Medical experts on the effects of the Spike proteins from the Covid mRNA vaccines and antibodies published in several medical journals which found several alarming discoveries. Read here about their major research findings: