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10 Major Prophesies For 2018

We are in for a rare and incredible prophetic year!

The number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation, and man's true 'born again' event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life.

According to the timing and aligning of events and signs (9/23 revelation 12 sign (, the great American eclipse, and the 4 blood moons) this will be the 1st year of a brand new 7 year cycle, the 1st year of a new 50 year jubilee cycle (Israel 1967 war for Jerusalem), and 1st year of a a brand new generation cycle (70 years Israel 1948 establishment).

So in other words we are entering a time period what the Bible calls “the fulfillment of the gentiles (Matthew 24)” and that within the next 70 years we will witness the rapture of the church. That means a lot of things have to happen to jump start the prophetic count down. This is going to be one heck of a year.

Here are 10 incredible prophetic predictions for this year:

1) There will be LOTS of pregnancies and births, especially miracle pregnancies for those who haven’t been able to conceive. There will also be major legislative victories for pro-life movements to end abortion.

2) There will be lots of new and original talent. This means new actors and actresses. New bands and singers. New original songs and movies.

3) There will be lots of advancements in technology and technology inventions. Not repeating of the same existing technology but new inventions!

4) There will be major business advancements. There will be a lot of new companies and growth of existing companies. There will be a lot of growth in the stock market this year.

5) LOTS of impossible deals are going to be made! If there was ever a time to achieve some thing that time is now. Everything from great trade deals, major business mergers, and stock growth will be achieved. 2018 will be a great year to make a new car purchase, buy a home, make an investment etc.

6) Once in a life time career opportunities are going to present themselves. These are the dreams you have always dreamt about doing! So don’t say no or doubt!

7) BIG things for Israel and the church will happen this year like we have never seen! 8 is the sign of Gods covenant with His people. This year will pave the way for the establishment of a Jewish Jerusalem and new land inquisitions for Israel. This will prepare the way for the temple mount and for a 3rd Jewish Temple in the end times.

8) This will be the year you meet your soul mate or get married!

9) A lot of people are going to return to the Lord, they will find their way back to faith again, attend services regularly, lots of renewal and restoration! 8 is also the sign of new beginnings. This is the year of forgiveness, and fresh starts. This is the time to kindle broken family ties and long lost friends.

10) Lots of faith and boldness will begin to manifest as it was with David. Many people will join the fight for spiritual injustice and the tides will greatly turn in favor of those who put their trust in Christ.

This year there is a lot of unknown territory and uncertainty but in a good way. It’s like moving in to a new city with a new job. It’s like lining up at the scrimmage line for the first game of the new season. Much is going to depend upon the 1st quarter or 3 months of the year, like a runner setting his pace for a marathon. Position will affect outcome. Like setting up the best battle position to your advantages against an opponent. So when it comes don’t hesitate otherwise someone will beat you to it. This also means a lot of headlines and progress will hit the ground right away one right after the next. Pay attention to what evangelicals and the church is prophesying as well as the atmosphere over the nation. Watch the news headlines but don’t be misinformed.

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