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Trump not the 1st US Modern Day King Cyrus

On September 29th of 2016 just 2 months prior to the historic election of President Donald Trump famous youtube prophetic evangelist Trey Smith published a documentary that compared President Trump to the Persian king Cyrus (Ezra 1-6; 2 Chronicles 36). You can view the video here.

Since then Smith’s video has reached over 3 million views that have influenced the perception of President Trump into a more Biblical and prophetic view. There have been other prophetic evangelists that have come forward with similar comparisons such as Kim Clement and retired firefighter Mark Taylor. However, what many in our generation may not realize is that there was also another great American President known as a modern day Cyrus – President Harry Truman.

President Harry Truman was the 1st American president to formally announce and recognize the state of Israel also giving Israel the financial loan it needed to build its nation. Prior to his death President Truman said about himself “I am Cyrus”.

Numbers 24:9; Genesis 49:9; Genesis 12:3; says that who ever blesses Israel will be blessed and whoever curses Israel will be cursed. God’s Word has proven that promise to be true and faithful for the United States and Israel over the last 70 years. You can read more in detail about the incredible accomplishments of the Truman administration here.

Although our country has seen its fare share of evil no one can deny God has blessed the United States of America. More industry, energy, and technology has been invented and discovered in the United States then anywhere else in the world.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

If the Bible is true and according to history and what was done following the Truman’s administration then America can look forward to much more incredible blessings due to the Trump administrations support of Israel including the recent recognition of Jerusalem being the undivided capitol of Israel.

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