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Solar Storm March 16th - March 26th May Heighten Spiritual Activity

There is a 125,000-mile wide Coronal hole (a region on the sun that allows high-speed particles to stream out into space) that opened up on the sun’s atmosphere, which is generating a lot of solar activity.

A giant stream of high-speed solar wind was ejected, on Tuesday, March 13th,towards the Earth at a speed faster then 370 miles per second. This highly charged solar wind has been hitting the Earth’s magnetic field ever since.

Solar storms are known to have a major impact on radio communications, navigation/GPS systems, technology, and living organisms. Solar energy has been shown to change blood flow, boost adrenaline, affect blood pressure, and even disrupt normal sleep patterns.

One of the reasons we may currently be experiencing a peak in solar activity is that on March 20th and September 23rd each year, the Earth and sun line up so that day and night are approximately equal in length. Equinoxes are known to cause cracks in Earth’s magnetic field, which can stay open for hours. These solar storms are coinciding with the formation of the “equinox cracks” which many scientists believe form semi-annually during the equinox.

Research has found that geomagnetic storms can have a huge effect on our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. Peaks in increased anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, fatigue, and nervousness have been found to coincide with solar activity.

Solar wind streams also cause auroras or Northern Lights to occur, so there is a high possibility they will be witnessed around the Arctic Circle over the next few days. They can usually be seen an hour before sunrise, or approximately an hour or two after sunset.

In conclusion there might be a heightened sense of spiritual activity rather through spiritual advances in the kingdom for Christ or some set backs through enemy attacks. Prayer, fasting, and worship are the key to fighting any spiritual battle and making some serious ground. If there was ever an opportunity for a major breakthrough now may be the time!

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