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2018 The Year Of Possibilities

On New Year’s Eve December 31st we published 10 incredible prophetic things that would happen and occur for this year 2018. We said that this "would be the year of great and impossible deals, a year for new beginnings, and incredible prophetic fulfillments would occur for Israel".

If you haven't read that article you can read it here:

We are nearly 5 months into the year 2018 or Jewish year 5778, and so far there have been numerous fullfilments on this word. Therefore we are calling this year, 2018, The year of possibilities!

1) The Wall street Journal reports that T Mobile US Inc. struck a $26 Billion deal to buy Spring Corp. In a combination that, if allowed by antitrust enforcers, would leave the U.S wireless market dominated by three national players. This is one of the far most biggest mergers to happen especially for major cell-phone carriers.

2) The Washington Post reports that North Korea promises to dismantle its nuclear test site in public view. Also numerous agencies report that North Korea is releasing all of US prisoners at the request of President Donald Trump. When everyone said that all odds were against the president and that we would have war it seems God has made an incredible move in favor of our country. North and South Korea were at war for almost 70 years. This cannot be a coincidence at the timing of Israel's 70th anniversary and the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

3) The New York Times reports that the Republican Tax Bill Passed Senate 51-48 vote revolutionizing the United States corporate tax code like never before in the history of the United States paving way for economic and business growth.

4) The Jerusalem Post reports that the United States to move Embassy to Jerusalem and the inaguaration is set for Israeli’s 70th indedpence day celebration in May. It is believe President Trump will be attending this historic event.

5) Several news agencies reported that Saudi Arabia opened its airspace to Israel for the 1st time ever in history. This has many incredible Biblical prophetic implications regarding Isaiah's prophecy about the Highway of holiness between the nations in the middle east.

So far this year has really proven to be a very productive and important prophetic year of the impossible becoming possible! We can't wait to see what else is in store for this incredible year so far. If you haven't seen our video on this you can watch it below:

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