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Is God using North Korea as an example in how to pave the way for the 7 year peace treaty in the mid

One of the most anticipated events in Biblical prophecy is the coming 7-year peace treaty in the Middle East that is confirmed by the antichrist. Daniel 9:27 says

“He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven’”.

A peace agreement between Israel and Palestine seems impossible at this point and any and all attempts have been met with failure. The Bible prophesies of a fully restored Jewish Israel as well as an undivided Jewish Jerusalem with a rebuilt Jewish Temple.

Zachariah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah all prophesied about God's supernatural protection and hand over Israel in the end times which will lead the nations of Egypt, Syria, and Iran to Christ (Isaiah 35:8).

The same could have been said about North and South Korea who have been at war against one another for nearly 70 years. Most media sources predicted President Trump would influence a war with North Korea and even a nuclear world war 3. However against every one’s expectations it seems diplomacy and peace is being made between North Korea and the rest of the world.

Nothing is set in stone yet between the United States and North Korea however for the first time there is actually a real possibility an agreement can be reached.

That would mean President Trump was able to successfully influence world powers like China and Europe through strict trade and financial restrictions against North Korea. This is a modern day Elijah influenced famine-like-curse against a nation that has severely impacted and influenced a much needed course correction with the behavior of North Korea.

In the Old Testament the Prophet Elijah was able to shut up the heavens for 3 years so it did not rain during the evil times of King Ahab and Jezebel. So according to Isaiah 35 another severe famine will hit the Middle East nations who rise up against Israel, and it will be so bad that those nations will actually turn to worship Jesus and an alliance will be made between them with Israel called the “Highway of Holiness”.

If this is the case then President Trump's example of handling the North Korean threat could very well work with Iran, Palestine, and Syria to lay the ground work for an actual real peace treaty for the Middle East and perhaps be the very same treaty the antichrist “confirms”.

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