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A real angel was captured on CCTV security camera system in Ft Worth Texas

Could this be an inspiring message about the existence of the supernatural realm of angels and demons? Many people have reported of having a supernatural experience with the divine supernatural realm and can testify to having an experience with angels or demons.

The Bible does tell us that angels exist and even at times perhaps unknowingly entertain them also warning us of the dangers of demons.

March 7th, 2013 in Fort Worth Texas this astonishing footage of what appears to be a real angel was captured on a high tech sophisticated CCTV security camera monitoring system.

The surveillance system incorporates high tech military grade inferred cameras and lasers and is designed to track motion in the occurrence of an intruder. When the system detects movement of an object the system immediately sounds off an alarm and then boxes and tracks the motion of the object until the alarm is acknowledged and investigated.

The system is designed with a special program used to rule out small animals, rodents, and bugs.

Interestingly, the incident actually occurred for 3 nights in a row nearly all occurring at the same time at approximately 2am. The 1st two nights that the incident occurred, nothing was visibly seen on the monitor system. It wasn't until the 3rd night were a full physical shape was visibly seen.

The incident was investigated by field experts and could not determine the cause of the occurrences nor identify the anomaly in which was recorded.

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