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Reminder of Hope through the revelations of Noah's Ark

As I rode the ferry into work on this stormy wet Tuesday morning I sat in my usual spot looking out through the rain glossed window and I saw way out in the far distant fog a faint shadowy outline of a large cargo vessel. As I looked at the massive vessel that seemed to be the only other object out off the far Atlantic Ocean coast I thought of Noah’s ark. Compared to the entire earth covered by water that boat was but a speck like how a star appears in the night atmosphere. How small it must have felt. And I thought to myself, imagining the ark, “The entire future of the world was on that boat. All of God’s creation was on that boat. Everything. The ocean as vast and as far as it is and yet the only visible signs of life was hidden away safely inside it.” I couldn’t help but to feel the merciful compassion for everything in which the ark represented as it sat at the mercy of the hand of God. It’s not about the size of the vessel, it’s appearance, or even where it’s going or where it’s been. It’s about what’s inside the vessel. Your life might be like the ark, full of the shattered memories of a broken world. From the outside it may be nothing. From the outside it may look like a reminder of all that was lost. But from the inside, to God, it’s the presence of all that is and all that will be-full of hope and life. You may feel lost and broken but the presence of Jesus is the promise of life and a future. And as the waters will subside, as they did for the ark, everything else will have washed away and what remains will be the hope of the future that Christ has eternally secured for you through the forgiveness of sin at the cross. As long as we have Jesus, who is forever, there is and will always be hope. “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:13‬ -Tribe of Christians

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