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2020 Trump Prophecy

The Lord gave me a revelation and prophetic word about the 2018 Midterm elections which would result in a significant move in faith and prayer for the President, the nation, and the body of Christ.

In that word the Lord revealed to me that the midterm election results were allowed to happen to humble President Trump and move him and the nation to genuine faith and prayer in Christ and the outcome would be UNITY for both the nation and for the Church. The Lord also revealed to me that the 2018 midterm elections would play a larger significant role dealing with 2019 abortion and antichristian propaganda, You can read the full 2019 prophetic word published here:

About 2 weeks after that word, the Lord gave me a prophetic dream revealing that Trumps 2020 campaign rally's would incorporate prayer and the gospel message.

On Wednesday June 19th, In a MEGA rally in Orlando Florida, President Trump officially started his 2020 campaign bid for a 2nd Presidential term with prayer lead by Paula White. Despite the controversies about Paula, you can truly sense the moving of the Holy Spirit through her prayer and even more fitting is that God's message concerning the election of Donald Trump is that "If God can use Donald Trump He can use anyone!"

Paula White starts off the prayer by asking everyone in the stadium to join together in holding hands as a sign of UNITY in prayer for the president. It appears these words are coming to pass. This means we can greatly anticipate a more intense fight from the enemy and liberal democrats but the result will be victory!

Listen to the 2020 Trump Prophecies TOC Podcast here:

Watch the full prayer here:

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