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I dreamed about a house that had a leaking roof


I had a dream my wife and I went to stay at my fathers house for a night.

During the middle of the night it began to rain. And the ceiling had cracks and leaks so I got soaked.


I began getting cups and bowls to try and collect the water to keep it from drenching the entire room but as I looked further the entire roof had leaks and it couldn’t be contained.


Than as I look at the walls I saw the walls were covered not in water, but in oil.


And then I woke up.


In dream a house represents life. Often times we will dream about the places most familiar and closest to us. And how life is full of ups and downs, and in some cases-brokenness.


My father and I did not have the best relationship. Though I love my father deeply-but to this day we still persist at an unfortunate distance.

I think so many can relate to that.


A roof symbolizes shelter, provision, and refuge. It keeps the elements off of us.


The cracks and holes reveal, to no surprise, the brokenness in both my life and my fathers life.


Our sins do that. They create holes and cracks in a place that is meant to protect. We don’t always realize the damage we are causing when we act out in sin against one another until it begins to rain.


The walls of a house in a dream can symbolize hiding something or containing something inside or keeping something out.


Most of us wouldn’t ever want the brokenness of our lives exposed for all to see. My life is full of those broken moments. Growing up, there were so many words spoken I wish I had never said. There were so many things done I wish never happened.


You cannot patch up or cover up a rotten ceiling. It has to be completely removed and then rebuilt. Same thing with the walls, if they become molded from moisture and rot it has to be torn down and rebuilt.


And some houses aren’t worth the cost of fixing or rebuilding-like in a car-especially older ones. Some times the cost of the repairs are more costly than what the car itself is worth.


There are things in my life, in our lives that can’t be replaced or fixed, that cannot be undone-it’s permanent.


Sin is permanent. It’s like water in a house that spreads to mold and then rot.

However, the walls of a room within a house also symbolize another thing, they separate and distinguish a room apart from all the other rooms. It’s what defines that room apart from the other rooms.


God has designed each and every one of use uniquely and separately different. And not that sin is a part of God’s plan or will, but Gods architecture has created you knowing these issues. For example, it’s like the reason when we build sidewalks we leave gaps in between the wood to allow for swelling.

God created you like that, placing crucial parts in your life to allow for “swelling”.


Oil represent the Holy Spirit, the setting aside of something from all the others-for a purpose, just like how God set aside the 7th day different than the other 6 days of the creation week.


It’s unfortunate the brokenness we suffer. It’s saddening the things our relationships suffer. Those things cause cracks and holes in our lives that allow the harshness of life to seep through onto us.


However, God uses the broken things in our lives to produce something greater than we can imagine. That brokenness produces an anointing to flow.

Oil isn’t produced it’s extracted through crushing.


Think of all the things oil is used for. Fuel, energy, light, smell, cooking.

The Lord gives a purpose and meaning to our lives even through the sin and brokenness to serve a purpose greater than our own, greater than our faults-if we are willing.


Dear Lord God,


In Jesus name I thank you for who you are. I thank you for forgiving me of my sins as I forgive others who have sinned against me. Lord I thank you that though I am forgiven, and though my sins have created cracks and holes you have still blessed me and anointed me, using those things for your greater glory. Lord I pray for all who are hurting, all who are broken and experiencing the cracks and holes right now. As your word says-you are nearer to the broken hearted, and as David said “my broken and contrite heart is my offering”. I pray for healing, I speak deliverance and rest, I speak hope and restoration in your great name Jesus. Amen


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