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111-foot asteroid barreling towards earth

Tonight, Monday October 14th, 2019, Earth will have a close encounter with a 111 foot asteroid which will have its closest pass to Earth in 115 years. The asteroid dubbed 2019 TA7 is set to fly by Earth at a speed of over 22,500 miles per hour at 6:53pm ET on Monday, data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory reveals. The asteroid is estimated to measure up to 111 feet in diameter and is among a group of recently discovered asteroids that have been traveling close to Earth in recent days. The flying rock orbits the Sun once every 240 days and passes by Earth about once a year. However, tonight’s approach will be our closest encounter with it in 115 years when it passes by at a distance of about 930,000 miles, more than 50 times closer to Earth than our nearest neighbor, Mercury. 

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