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2024 Elections: America Shaking with Prophetic Warnings of Redemption and Justice

Lately, I’ve had prophetic dreams that have filled me with concern and hope for our nation’s future. These visions, tied to the U.S. Presidential elections and critical decisions about Israel, carry urgent messages. While I can't claim absolute certainty, my past dreams have proven accurate, suggesting a strong likelihood that these new visions could come to pass.

These dreams have revealed a possible chain of events that could lead to significant turmoil and upheaval if we don’t heed the warnings. I feel a profound sense of urgency and responsibility to share these insights, not out of arrogance but out of a deep concern for our collective future. Let’s explore what these dreams mean and consider the actions we need to take to avert potential disaster.

I understand that many of us feel fear and anxiety about the future. In these times, it’s crucial to remember that our hope must be placed in God rather than any political leader. As Psalm 118:8 reminds us, “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.” These dreams emphasize that while leaders may play significant roles, ultimate deliverance and justice come from God alone.

Let’s delve into these visions with an open heart, seeking the lessons and actions we must embrace to ensure a future aligned with divine wisdom and mercy. We may find clarity and hope through this journey, trusting in God's unfailing faithfulness.

A Recap of the 2020 Events and Their Significance

Despite his conservative backing, President Trump announced the "Peace to Prosperity" plan on January 28, 2020, proposing a two-state solution for Israel. Shockingly, there was no significant opposition from conservative or Christian voices. This decision seemed to unleash a series of divine judgments on our nation: a devastating pandemic, economic hardship, civil unrest, and escalating conflicts. The shock and confusion were palpable as these calamities unfolded.

Divine Warnings and Prophetic Signs

  1. 2017 Solar Eclipse and Revelation 12 Sign:

  • The 2017 solar eclipse and the Revelation 12 sign on September 23, 2017, were early warnings against dividing the land of Israel, foreshadowing more significant turmoil ahead. These signs were unsettling, hinting at a divine displeasure many didn't fully grasp then.

  1. Tetrad of Blood Moons (2014-2015):

  • The tetrad of blood moons occurring in 2014 and 2015, coinciding with Jewish holidays, symbolized division and indicated a two-year forthcoming plague. This eerie prediction mirrored the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many in disbelief.

  1. Book of Joel Warnings:

  • The Book of Joel warns against the division of the land of Israel, linking such actions to divine judgment: "I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land" (Joel 3:2, NIV). The relevance of this ancient warning in our modern context was shocking and enlightening.

Pandemic and Divine Judgment

The pandemic brought with it forced vaccine mandates, widespread job losses, and the shutdown of churches. These measures disproportionately affected conservatives, who had been silent about the division of Israel. This silence seemed to draw a specific divine judgment, as the pandemic's harshest impacts were felt by those who had previously supported dividing the land of Israel without opposition.

Economic Hardship and Civil Unrest

Alongside the pandemic, the nation faced severe economic challenges, with inflation soaring and many losing their livelihoods. Violent riots and protests erupted across the country, adding to the chaos and underscoring the deep divisions within the nation. These four years have been marked by war, inflation, and difficulty, proving the warnings true.

Supporting Sources:

Initial Response and Prophetic Warnings

Over the past four years, I have been deeply moved to warn about the dire need for national repentance concerning the two-state solution for Israel. My initial response was one of urgent concern, as I foresaw our nation heading towards destruction. I prophesied a Kamala Harris presidency, economic collapse, and World War 3, with China attacking the United States Eastern Coast. Our ministry accurately predicted the Biden-Harris presidency, the exact timing of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the massive 2021 spending bills leading to inflation.

I shared several prophetic visions and warnings throughout this period, emphasizing the need for repentance and a return to divine principles. In 2019, I envisioned Kamala Harris becoming president, which many dismissed then. This vision included a troubling foresight of economic collapse and civil unrest, which later materialized as the pandemic unfolded, leading to forced vaccine mandates, job losses, and the shutdown of churches. While other ministries inaccurately predicted a Trump presidency, we foresaw the Biden-Harris administration. Kamala Harris Presidency Prophecy

In early 2020, I published a prophetic dream detailing an impending economic crisis tied to massive spending bills and inflation. This dream became a reality as the government passed significant spending bills in 2021, resulting in soaring inflation that burdened many American families. Warning: Prophetic Dream on Economy, Inflation, Debt Ceiling

Additionally, our ministry foresaw the exact day and month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a conflict that has further strained global relations and added to the sense of instability. Major Prophetic Update: Warning to England

An article I published on September 6, 2021, unknowingly predicted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine five months later. The article, "I Heard the Sound of a Trumpet, a Shofar Blowing," was published at 5:24 AM, eerily foreshadowing the exact date and time of the invasion. I Heard the Sound of a Trumpet, a Shofar Blowing

We also accurately foretold the passing of Queen Elizabeth and the subsequent war coming to Europe, highlighting the shifting dynamics and the rise of conflict on the continent. Prophetic Vision: War Coming with China

In 2021, I had a prophetic vision warning of an impending war with China, specifically targeting the United States’ Eastern Coast. This vision painted a grim picture of conflict and highlighted the urgent need for spiritual preparedness. Prophetic Vision: War Coming with China

Warnings about the Saudi Arabia Petro-Dollar Deal and Prophetic Dream on Russia-Ukraine War

In a prophetic dream, I sought God’s insight on how the Russia-Ukraine war would end. The vision revealed a path where the collapse of the Saudi Arabia Petro-dollar deal triggered a cascade of catastrophic events. As the Petro-dollar collapses, it initiates a severe economic downturn in the U.S., leading to an inability to support the war effort in Ukraine. This financial collapse extends to Western allies, weakening their collective stance against Russia. Over time, this inability to sustain the conflict results in a strategic victory for Russia, altering the balance of power.

Historically, the Petro-dollar system was established in the 1970s when Saudi Arabia agreed to price its oil exclusively in U.S. dollars in exchange for American military protection and economic cooperation. This agreement, which followed the abandonment of the gold standard in 1971 and the financial turmoil of the 1973 oil crisis, cemented the dollar's dominance in global oil markets and provided the U.S. with significant economic leverage.

Before the Petro-dollar, the U.S. economy was anchored by the gold standard. However, during the 1967 Six-Day War, Middle Eastern nations, protesting American support for Israel, began pulling their gold reserves from the U.S. The situation escalated during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, leading to an oil crisis as Middle Eastern nations again protested American support for Israel. The ensuing economic strain forced the U.S. to abandon the gold standard, creating the Petro-dollar system.

Recently, headlines have reported that Saudi Arabia has rejected renewing the Petro-dollar agreement, signaling a potential fulfillment of this prophetic warning. The end of this agreement could lead to a significant shift in global economic dynamics, mirroring the vision's depiction of a financial collapse and its geopolitical repercussions. Eurasia Business News and Atlantic Council reports indicate that Saudi Arabia’s decision marks a monumental shift away from U.S. economic influence, opening the door for new alliances with countries like China and Russia.

An alternative potential outcome envisioned this scenario under a Trump presidency, where Trump's foreign policy could force Ukraine to concede to Russia. In this vision, Trump, leveraging his influence and prioritizing U.S. interests, threatens to withhold critical aid and shipments to Ukraine unless they agree to a settlement favorable to Russia. This diplomatic pressure, coupled with economic instability, forces Ukraine into a position of submission, ultimately leading to a cessation of hostilities on terms beneficial to Russia. These warnings and potential outcomes are detailed in my articles: Prophetic Vision: Dollar Plummets and Russia Progresses and Prophetic Dream: Russia Takes Ukraine.

The implications of these prophetic warnings are profound, highlighting the interconnectedness of global economic policies and geopolitical stability. As the Petro-dollar's influence wanes, the resulting economic shockwaves could precipitate significant shifts in international alliances and power dynamics, reaffirming the urgent need for spiritual preparedness and reliance on divine guidance.

Prophetic Warnings for 2024 and a Call for Repentance

As we approach 2024, the urgency of the prophetic warnings I've received has intensified. The upcoming April 2024 Jonah Eclipse emphasized the initial call to repentance, which carried a 40-day call to fast and seek God’s mercy. This celestial event underscored the critical need for national repentance and spiritual awakening. The entire prophecy and call to fast can be found in my article.

Trump Dreams and Warnings

In several dreams, I saw clear warnings directed at President Trump, urging him to repent from his previous stance on the two-state solution for Israel. The message was clear: divine favor hinged on a heartfelt return to God’s principles. In one particular dream, I was shown that if Trump genuinely repented, God would restore his presidency and anoint him even more than before. These dreams were detailed in a YouTube video titled "Trump Dream 2024, Small Window of Opportunity Open but Closing."

Change in Spiritual Atmosphere

Following these dreams, a shift in the spiritual atmosphere became evident. Trump, along with his Israel foreign ambassador David Friedman, marked this change, publicly retracting their support for the two-state solution. In this pivotal moment, he signified a renewed alignment with divine will. Several media sources, including CBN News, the Times of Israel, and the Jerusalem Post, reported Trump's retraction of the two-state solution.

Signs of God’s Faithfulness

Following this act of repentance, several significant events unfolded that affirmed God’s promises:

  1. Supreme Court Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled to give Trump broad immunity, a decision many saw as a sign of divine favor. This ruling was widely covered, emphasizing the legal and spiritual implications for Trump’s potential return to power.

  2. Polling Surge: Polls began to show Trump significantly ahead of Biden in crucial swing states, especially after Biden's disastrous debate performance. Various political analysts and news outlets reported this surge in support, indicating a possible shift in the political landscape.

Dreams Reflecting a Change in Direction

In addition to the dreams about Trump's potential restoration, I had other dreams warning of civil unrest and a possible civil war if the nation did not heed these calls for repentance. One such dream, detailed in my May 1st, 2024 article, described a vision of America shaking, reflecting the turmoil that could ensue if we fail to align with God’s will. Another dream from April 28th, 2024, warned of civil war breaking out if Trump’s victory was contested.

Detailed Civil War Dream

In this detailed vision from April 28th, 2024, I saw a profoundly divided nation following the election. Democrat-led states refused to certify the election results after Trump was declared the winner. This led to a standoff in Congress, which also declined to certify the results, escalating the crisis. The conflict reached the Supreme Court, which had to intervene and ultimately decided in favor of Trump. This judicial decision, while lawful, triggered widespread outrage.

Liberal militias formed, initiating violent protests and attacks across major Democrat-led cities. Federal government buildings and infrastructure became targets of these assaults. As the situation deteriorated, Democratic governors chose not to intervene, leading to an escalation that forced the federal government to deploy troops.

The deployment of federal forces led to deadly clashes between the militias and the military. This violence further deepened the divide, pushing Democrat-leaning states towards considering secession from the federal government. The nation teetered on the brink of a civil war, reflecting the profound consequences of ignoring divine warnings.

Additional Support from Religious Leaders

Various Jewish and Christian leaders supported the shift in Trump’s stance and the subsequent spiritual change. In a bold move reflecting strong support for Israel’s security, organizations, like Keep God’s Land, initiated campaigns against the two-state solution. Israel365 News documented this gathering of top leaders to voice opposition.

The relevance of these events was echoed by former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who publicly rejected the two-state solution at the National Religious Broadcasters convention, as reported by JNS.

These developments reflect God’s unwavering faithfulness to His word. As we move forward, it is crucial to heed these warnings, embrace repentance, and realign our actions with divine principles to ensure a future guided by His wisdom and mercy. The past four years, filled with war, inflation, and hardship, have proven the truth of these warnings and highlighted the urgent need to return to spiritual values.





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