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2nd Dream Concerning Attack/Invasion From China Military

Prophetic Dream

September 4th 2021

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

I had a dream early Saturday morning September the 4th at around 5am in the morning. This dream follows a similar patter to other dreams I believe are all connected. I believe these dreams are a sincere warning to our nation of events to come concerning China.

Saturday Morning September 4th,

I dreamt China invaded the United States. In it’s first wave of attacks China sent over their “weak” and elderly troops first. The militaries of the United States did not recognize the deceptive act and they attacked the first wave of Chines troops with all their strengths and falsely “won”. However, while US Troops were pre-occupied with the attacks, the Chines government and military were secretly watching from within and observing the weaknesses and strengths of the US militaries. The US gained a false sense of hope and victory becoming over-confident. At which then, the US troops let their guard down and the Chines militaries attacked again severely crippling our nations militaries.

While observing our military, I saw US Troops were not focused, but instead, were being trained in primarily ceremonial drills, marching, and uniform presence. Our militaries were not being trained for combat or to fight.

I also observed our US troops had been desolated to “half strength”.

I also observed US Military commanders and leaders were primarily absent from their duties and were not “fit” for combat or leadership. It appeared most of them were preoccupied and their positions, titles, leadership were only symbolic.

Then suddenly, while observing our militaries form into formation, I heard a call out to the troops, an order given in preparation for another attack from the Chines militaries. I heard an order given, “fight fiercely! Do not surrender and do not be captured! If you are captured by the Chines, they will severely torture you!” and then I woke.

I had a vision where I was standing at a Naval Munitions Military Base. Something catastrophic had occurred to the US through an act of war that resembled ww2. I observed personnel loading military and weapons supplies in train cars to send to the military. And while I was observed a man was there. I asked the man who attacked our nation. In the man’s exact words, he said to me "China struck the US on Wednesday the 19th". He did not say the year or how it happened. and then I woke up. the 19th also falls on a Wednesday January of 2022 and October 2022.


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This is disturbing, we need to pray for our nation like never before. I wonder if this is the third Peril that George Washington talked about?

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