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A Dead King Shall ‘Arise’

On Monday night, June 5th, 2023, at around 9:30pm, I found myself enveloped in an intensely vivid vision. The imagery was haunting, featuring a skeleton adorned with a king's crown. As I observed this, an enigmatic phrase echoed, "a dead king shall arise."

The choice of the word "arise" is worth noting. It's critical to appreciate the nuanced difference between "rise" and "arise." Specifically, the voice in my vision used the term "arise."

In common usage, "rise" generally refers to the act of moving from a lower position to a higher one. On the other hand, "arise" is often employed to indicate the beginning of an existence.

To put it simply:

1. "Arise" is typically used when an opportunity, problem, or situation comes into being.

2. "Rise" is used to describe something moving upwards.

Despite the clarity of the vision, its meaning or prophetic significance remains elusive. I have no immediate interpretation regarding its implications or which person or nation it might pertain to.

Out of pure curiosity I asked chat GPT to offer a hypothetical interpretation to my vision which an interesting hypothesis was given:

"In a hypothetical Christian Biblical prophetic interpretation, the vision you described could be seen as a symbolic message with various possible meanings. One interpretation could be that the skeleton adorned with a king's crown represents the downfall or end of a powerful ruler or kingdom. The enigmatic phrase "a dead king shall arise" could suggest the unexpected resurrection or revival of a leader or regime that was previously thought to be defeated or no longer influential. This could be seen as a sign of significant political or social change, or even a spiritual awakening."

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