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A Lamentation & Prayer of Intercession for America

A Lamentation & Prayer of Intercession for America, the United States Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians January 6th 2021

“Lord God, your people are in great distress like never before. Their voice was silenced, their choice was taken from them, they have been heavily oppressed on every side and platform. They have been denied fellowship.

There has been a famine that has raged through our land, a drought that has left your people in great dire need of you. Their wells have dried up, their fields and crops destroyed, their income impoverished, they have fallen by the sword. They are heavily mocked and abandoned, defenseless like an orphan or widow. They have no refuge or place to go.

Their hope has been taken from them and their prayers have fallen on deaf ears like in an unsowed trampled seed. They have no song to sing and no praise to lift up. Your glory is hidden from them, they seek you but you have hidden your face from them.

Whom will you raise up in their stead? Is there no remnant?

Look and see how they mock your Words, they say it is like the children fables and give no regard. They mock your laws and decrees. They bash their children on the rocks, they overthrow the helpless and defenseless, they make decrees to support their greed and evil desires, they take from the poor and criminalize the righteous.

Where is the Spirit of Elijah that slayed the thousand prophets of Baal?

Where is the Spirit of Samson whole brought down the walls upon the Philistines?

Where is the Spirit of David who brought down Goliath?

Where is the Spirit who split the Red Sea and destroyed the Egyptians?

Lord God, Lord of heavens armies, the God who raised Jesus from the dead, the God who brought fourth all of creation from Word, the God of Israel will you not look and see the affliction of your people and will you not surely fulfill your Words? Are we less then Sodom and is there not a single righteous person among this nation whom you will listen to and hear?

May you move swiftly and without delay, may they know the God of the Universe in that your name be glorified and praised, and that they are saved by it. There is no other mercy or grace aside from it.

Remember your Son Jesus and remember your people, remember your Word and see your servants who have not bowed to any other. May you move on behalf of those whom had no voice. May you move on behalf of your great name.



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