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Beloved Israel

“Oh Israel when will you ever know that you are worth more than all the riches on Earth? Don't you know you are worth more than even the Temple grounds themselves? You are worth more than all of the gold and silver combined.

Why do you pursuit useless gestures as if you are not already enough for me? Why do you think my love requires to be purchased or persuaded? Can a Father change the birth of His first born Son? Can a mother forget the child from her womb? Does a flower suddenly change into a different form? Does a tree choose the fruit in which it bares?

I ask of you Oh Israel can a Zebra change its stripes any more than the sun change the direction in which it rises?

Which other nation bares my name? Which other nation did I call my inheritance?Did I not establish my throne among you for all eternity?

What did you offer me that persuaded me to bring you back into the land I sworn to give to you? Were you not scattered among all the nations of the earth? Was it not by my Word and for my name sake that you were brought forth from all the corners of the Earth? Tell me, what bribe was given that caused this to happen? Which Temple caused this to occur?

Who are you without me? And yet you live as if your nation occurred by the wind and the sea? If I have brought you out of bondage was I not with you in doing so?

Lift up your eyes beloved one of God and see that it is I whom is with you. Without my Ark, without my Temple I have done this. Was is not by my hand I delivered you out of Egypt? Where was my dwelling place? What was my motive?”



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