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Every plan has failed. I have seen this before and here is what it could mean

December 18th, 2020

Every plan has failed. I have seen this before and here is what it could mean:

I have seen it a thousand times! I have seen it in churches. I have seen it with many various leaders and different pastors. I have seen it in my own personal life.

In 2017 I attended a local community contest in nyc and presented a special music project in an effort to raise funds for a local church(covered by local newspaper: See also:

At the beginning of the contest each visitor paid a donation of their choice at the entrance of the contest. Each contestant presented their project to the audience. The audience members then took a vote. Whoever won the most votes would win the money that was donated at the beginning.

The best way to win the contest was to bring the most supporters. So I ensured to bring a lot of people!

My project far exceeded the total number amount of any other supporter by over 3 fold. There were maybe 30 people at this event in which 20 of them were my supporters.

However, at the end of the contest, the people in charge of counting the votes still gave the contest away despite the fact my project had the most voters!

I was upset about the results and never understood why God had allowed that to happen. I felt robbed and cheated. Especially for a ministry purpose.

3 years later, every window of opportunity would close for me in NY/NYC. Every job opportunity failed. My wife and I weren’t able to find the assistance we needed to stay afloat. And then... that’s when NY voted to allow late term abortion into law, January of 2019 (see: ).

It was also discovered that the church I had tried to help raise funds for had taken in a huge sum of donation money from a restaurant's co-owner Stacey Pheffer who was also a major co-sponsor of the women's reproductive health act that was passed in NY. (see:

The very year, October of 2019, my wife and I re-located from NY to North Carolina when the Lord revealed to us (March 5th 2019) Judgement was about to fall on the nation in 1 year for what had occurred.

Through an incredible act of grace the Lord spared my wife and I!

In 2006, in Texas, while I was serving as a youth pastor and worship leader I was given a very prestigious and generous employment offer by another church to serve as their worship leader.

On paper everything looked great! From the outside this church was rising and growing at an incredible pace. They were awarded several contracts for their services to air on several faith based TV networks.

However, I couldn’t quit pin point the reason but something felt tremendously off and I declined the offer.

A few months later I joined the army. And when I had gotten back from a 5 month training period I saw that particular church had in-fact closed its doors for good.

To my complete surprise, the lead pastor of that church had an ongoing affair. And when it was discovered, that church never replaced their pastor and instead reluctantly chose to close their doors forever.

The Lord has spared me from a complete disaster.

Though what happened to our nation during the elections was wrong, out right wrong, it seems that every door and window has closed. We have lost every court battle. The Supreme Court refuses to hear our case. It seems not a single legislator in these contested states had an ounce of courage to appoint new electors. (UPDATED 1/7/2021)** And Congress affirmed the electoral collage vote for Biden/Harris.

And although, I will not rule out the possibility that the outcome can change at any moment, the pattern is consistently clear to me-and its a very personal one.

Only God could allow something of this magnitude to occur over a nation founded for Him.

Now this isn’t because the President has done anything wrong. Such as in my case when I wrongfully lost my contest and I saw every door close for my family in NY.

In fact, this was a tremendous act of grace!

The same grace that spared my wife and I from disaster! In fact, that grace saved our entire family from disaster(whom all moved out of NY in 2019!).

Perhaps the Lord is moving in an incredible act of grace not only on behalf of President Trump, but also on this nation for those who voted for him.

Because, as I have prophesied before concerning Judgement coming to the NE coast and NY, perhaps the Lord is sparing this President from disaster or harm. (see:

As I have previously mentioned before, I believe this was done that the Lord God would carry out the final acts of judgement against these evil cities and their leaders for what they have done. (see:

Should this disaster be so great as to extend to the White House it may impact the lives of those “elected” officials too!

The number 9 has been a consistent theme of judgement concerning this nation ever since 201(9)/577(9) when late term abortion was passed. Also, 2100 hours (as in 2021) in military time is 9pm! The number 9 symbolizes finality, judgement, and the atonement of sin.

Interestingly, the number 21 in the Bible also symbolizes "wickedness", "rebellion", and "lawlessness". The 21st Hebrew letter in the Hebrew alphabet is SHIN and symbolizes "teeth" and is associated with the righteous judgements of God. (see

Though it may not seem like it, though it may appear that they are getting away with the most tyrannical plot in us history, the Lord is a God of justice. The Bible calls him faithful and true.

There is also the possibility of the exact opposite such as in the case of the Red Sea, or when Jesus raises Lazarus from the grave-for the purpose of increasing our faith!

Either way, rather a Red Sea moment, a Lazarus moment, if it is now or later, one way or the other, the Lord will indeed fulfill his promises staying true to the Words He has spoken to us concerning this President.

When it is all said and done, Justice will have been delivered for the evil that has been done and we will prevail.

"I will not cause pain pain without something new to be born," says the Lord. -Isaiah 66:9

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians


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