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November 8th Blood Moon Prophetic Warning Revealed!

Tribe of Christians host Brandon Dawson covers previous signs that have occurred including the revelation 12 sign that occurred in 2017, the solar eclipse that occurred in 2017, the impactions of what happened in 2020, the blood moon that occurred in May of 2022, and reveals the meaning for November 8th Blood Moon and its urgent warning in what is coming for the nation.

Brandon also reveals in-depth information that is found right in Genesis right in the first week of creation revealing signs occurring in the heavens and how it implies to the blood moons.

Just as many were wrong about the 2020 elections and the year of 2020, I believe they will be greatly wrong again about the 2022 midterm elections and will miss the true meaning behind the 2022 blood moons which ought to serve as a grave warning to the United States.

References mentioned in this video:

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