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Prophetic Dream of Coming Plague

Original publication on personal social media FB page December 22nd 2017

"December 22nd 2017, I had a dream concerning a major plague and sickness that struck the nation. I saw thousands and millions becoming extremely sick and ill, turning pale in color, and having extreme fatigue with difficulty breathing. Among them, I saw many had died so quickly the nation could not keep up to burry those who had passed away. The hospitals were over run and could not keep up as well.

While I was walking around and observing the sickness and plague that was occurring, I began to feel the Holy Spirit show me a "sifting" process that began occurring among Christians and churches. I saw the plague target many Christians and Churches, especially those who appeared to be Christian in appearance but were not true inwardly in the heart. I felt a sense of betrayal had occurred among many Christians in their hearts against the Lord and I felt the Spirit grieved for what was occurring. I saw the plague turn and began impacting thousands of churches all across the nation and was unbelievable to me in sight. And than I woke.

I believe this to be a grave warning to the churches, Christians, and the nation concerning obedience to the Lord both in truth and in spirit. I believe a plague is coming and will target many believers and Christians serving as a "sifting" process for a coming harvest. the nation MUST turn back to the Lord and Christians must be diligent in truth and in obedience."



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