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Prophetic Dream Spiritual and Physical War is Coming!

Original publication on personal social media FB page October 7th 2020

I had dream last night/this morning Wednesday October 7th 2020,

I was standing in a military armory of a US army infantry unit/division. Then a supply sergeant came and began to equip me with a combat uniform.

I am a US Army Veteran and served as an infantryman (11B) in the Texas Army National Guard from 2006 - 2012 and so I thought to myself "how did I get here? Did I re-enlist? How long is my contract? What is my assignment?"

I was then given the patches for my uniform for my name, my unit, and the US Flag. There are two different types of US flag patches that can be worn. One is the regular colors of red, white, and blue, while the other is a black and white US flag worn in times of combat and war - which is worn on the right shoulder.

Then I was given a unit patch which I was not familiar with but I believe I heard 2nd ID which is an infantry combat division located in Fort Lewis Washington.

I was told to report for my company assignment at 0300 for duty. 3am is spiritually symbolic in spiritual warfare representing the hour of testing when enemy attacks frequently occur at that hour - being a literal mocking of the Holy Trinity and at the hour of Jesus's death on the cross at 3pm.

When I arrived to my company formation, I became even more confused because I was standing at the front of my platoons formation which is assigned for the platoon leader. Then I heard the company being called to attention.

Than I woke.

I believe this dream serves as a warning and a wake up call to the nation and the churches that war is coming, both physically (literal war) and spiritually - Christians must be prepared for testing, tribulations, and for the times ahead.



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