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Prophetic Dream Trumpet Blast & Radiation Poisoning

Monday January 23th 2023 approximately 8pm

I dreamt I was sitting in a congregation of an unknown or unfamiliar church I was visiting waiting for Sunday worship services to begin. The church had wooden pews and was about a medium sized church that held between 300-500 people. The church had a wooden alter and the worship style was traditional hymnal singing with an organ and piano player. The Pastor of this church was wearing a traditional reverend styled clothing clothed with a rob and a white collar. I began to get a sense something was "not right" or was "off" about this church, and sensed LGBT, liberalism, feminism, and abortion affiliations with this church. Then several of my personal friends and family members began to warn me about this church and it's theology that we should leave the church but I insisted to stay.

Then without warning I suddenly heard a loud blast being sounded from a battering ram's horn or shofar. The horn sounded with only one single long blow and that was all. No one else heard the horn but I was the only one.

Then suddenly the dream shifted and I was standing around some businesses and working people. I began to see various different businesses of all types and various different workers. I saw construction, I saw banking, I saw industrial, I saw security and law enforcement, and I also saw various different elevators and floors among these businesses.

Then, again without warning, I heard loud warning sirens sounding warning of a radiation warning. The sirens went off for several minutes. I saw some people fleeing for safety while also seeing others ignoring the warnings. Then radiation began seeping in throughout the air every where. I was unable to escape and was among many other people. I covered my mouth. eyes, and body the best that I could but I could feel my skin beginning to burn. The burn felt very similar to how it felt during army basic training gas chamber training with CS gas. Then I looked around me and saw many people began to scream, some people were coughing and vomiting's up blood, others began to collapse to the ground. This lasted for approximately 3 minutes and then it stopped.

Then I woke.

My personal thoughts/interpretation/notations of the dream:

# 1. Watchmen were assigned to the walls and towers of a city/village and had a rams horn with them. They were responsible to sound the alarm of danger or an incoming enemy/attack.

# 2. The 1st Trumpet sounded in the Book of Revelation Chapter 8:7 is followed by a nuclear event that brings about hail and fire:

"The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up."

# 3. The book of Revelation begins with Jesus addressing the 7 churches along with the perversions occurring in the church. The apostle Peter also reveals "judgement begins first within God's household" (1 Peter 4:17), as well as being recorded in Ezekiel 9:6.

My overall thoughts are that a major change will be coming upon the earth and again will first target the churches. I believe this is having to deal with the perversions that are occurring in the liberal churches having also to do with abortion, idolatry, and the worship of baal. I also believe this to be a literal physical warning that will be followed by a nuclear event: rather a disaster or from an attack which will impact all "walks of life" and will most likely occur during a regular working business day when least expected.



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