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Prophetic Vision: I saw the Ark of the Covenant (2/17/2021)

Prophetic Vision: I Saw the Ark of the Covenant

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians 02/17/2021

I had a vision while I was asleep Wednesday February 17, 2021. I was completely and fully aware of myself and that I was asleep, and I had full cognitive ability.

I saw myself enter into what I can only describe as an area that resembled a cave or cavern of some sorts. I don't know the exact location but I was aware it was near Judea/Israel. As I walked further into this cavern I saw the Ark of the Covenant. At first I did not know what it was, it was hardly recognizable. The Ark had been completely stripped of its gold and it was missing the top that contained the Cherubim and Seraphim angels. I saw engravings upon its outer surface I recognized to be ancient symbols and languages but could not read or understand it. As I walked up to the Ark I looked inside (the top was missing) and I saw the stone tablets containing the 10 commandments. At that moment I realized what it was, that I was looking at the Ark of the Covenant, I then woke up.

After spending the entire following day (Thursday February 18th 2021) in prayer, the Holy Spirit affirmed to me the truth of what I saw, that I had indeed seen the Ark of the Covenant. It was shown to me to reveal it's existence and that it will soon be discovered/re-emerged signifying the precedence of time, Biblical Prophecy, and will inspire faith in the Lord commencing pursuit of the temple mount for a 3rd Jewish Temple.


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