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Prophetic Vision: Warning Jezebel Spirit in White House

Prophetic Vision: Warning Jezebel Spirit in White House

2AM Wednesday November 17th, Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

I had a greatly disturbing vision last night/this morning November 17th 2am. I was in the Spirit and taken to the White House where I saw the room where Joe and Jill Biden slept. As I was observing the surrounding areas I I saw a dark twisted demonic force inhabiting and influencing Jill Biden through a Jezebel-like influence clinching control over the white house. This Spirit resembled a Jezebel Spirit but was something far greater and more terrifying. I also saw Joe Biden severely suffering with Dementia and the demonic being was causing greater harm, pain, suffering, and faster deterioration of Joe Biden's mind. And than I began to call out what I was witnessing and I began to call out the dementia and as each time as I called out the dementia this Spirit began to grow more angrier, more empowered, and more agitated. It did not stop but continued to persist and press even further in which it than turned to attack me - which I then woke.

It was revealed to me this demonic spirit has far greater plans beyond Jill and Joe Biden, it's plans are to deteriorate the mind and health of Joe Biden to remove him from the Presidency and take over through Kamala Harris.

If this is true, I fear this demonic force is something far more sinister and evil than the Jezebel Spirit who wrecked havoc on Israel through King Ahab and the false prophets of Baal. According to previous visions I have had, I believe this being to be the demonic being Lilith prophesied by the Prophet Isaiah in connection to the judgement and destruction of Moab. Last year September 26th, just prior to the 2020 elections, I had a vision and was warned of coming destruction through Lilith I believe a warning in connection to Kamala Harris. Read that post here:

On October 30th I also had a vision and saw NYC as an uninhabited wasteland:


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For sure! There was a Jezebel in the Whitehouse with Clinton also. Our country needs prayers. But we all know that is has been going down hill since 1973. Too much blood on our hands. Come Lord Jesus. MARANATHA

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