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Prophetic Vision: WARNING Something is Coming!

(Watch Below)

Read the vision below:

6am this morning, 6:20 to be exact, Tuesday August 9, I was asleep. I have only had one other vision similar to how this one occurred, and both have to deal with China.

I was asleep and I kept hearing a really loud noise that was occurring over and over that was waking me up. You know how usually if you’re asleep, and someone is making a lot of noise or watching tv and it starts to wake you up, this is exactly what was happening. Except, it was a vision that I was having and it was so loud that it was waking me up. I didn’t realize it was a vision at first. My wife claims that she doesn’t remember but I believe that she was also sensing or hearing the vision because she was also kind of moving around or walking up too but she says she doesn’t remember it.

I kept hearing this really loud roaring sound just over and over and it reminded me of a really loud jet but it was multiple sounds just over and over.

And before I realized it was a vision I was dreaming that perhaps I left my xbox on or something, because I play call of duty, and I started to hear explosions one right after the next that also reminded me of the game. As I listened more carefully, I realized I was experiencing a vision and I was hearing sounds of missiles flying over head and I could hear the explosions from when they landed.

Once I realized what the sound was, I was so startled that I woke.



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