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Prophetic Word: 2016

Last year I gave a word for 2015 being the year of grace and it held true. This year I've been speaking it since september of last year. This year 2016 is the year of redemption, retribution, remission, and restoration. the number 6 in the Bible is in reference to man, sin, atonement, and redemption. Are you in a desperate place in need of forgiveness? Perhaps its the other way around. Has someone severely wronged you or maybe the court systems, family matters, etc? Or maybe you have severely wronged someone else? Do you have debts that need to be paid or perhaps you are waiting on payments for something? This is the year were all wrongs will be made right. All debts will be paid. All things will be made new and restored beyond its former glory. Some of us are already experiencing this. Maybe your facing court dispositions. Last few months I have also seen several friends and family members receive years of financial benefits they have been waiting on. I have even seen complete restoration in y own life to things that were lost or done wrong by others. Whatever the case, the Lord knows the heart and actions of a person and each will be held accountable and things will be made right or put on the right path.

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