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PROPHETIC WORD: Balance Favor and Justice Restored to the Kingdom of God 9/16/2020

"I will put an end to this," says the Lord God.

"Your short time of tyranny is over. For I allowed you to serve but a short time for a greater purpose, not for destruction of this nation as you have intended, but for hope, for encouragement, for humility, and for unity of my people.

I will grant an overwhelmingly majority in both chambers and your time will come to an end.

I will put an end to the violence that you have fueled. I will put an end to the devastation you have persisted over my people and my kingdom.

I shall strip you clean of your coverings and shall be naked and bare with no one to protect or hide you.

You shall be exposed without refuge or safe haven as a storm that surges over the exposed.

You shall know the fear you have insisted on others. Your plans are fouled and spoiled like drinking sour and spoiled milk. Your stomach will curdle and spew out with vomit. Your shall ingest your own lies it shall be like drinking poison. It shall leave an ever lasting bitterness in your mouth that you will detest what you once claimed. I shall make you a reproach to yourselves and you shall be filled with great regret and vile against yourselves.

You shall be filled with disgust and repulsive to yourselves.

You are detestable to me and shall become a scolding mockingly to the entire nation, you who once were but now are no more.

I will reinforce your courts and they shall be fortified. I will establish 2 more Supreme Court Justices who who judge rightly according to my eyes.

I shall overturn your wicked decrees and your selfish gains. I shall turn this nation back to me. It will become shameful to be known as a Democrat as you have done to the conservatives among the Republicans.

I shall make my name great among you and my decrees shall be praised! They will say of me “His ways are perfect and He is just!”

I shall be the Lord God to those whom call me their Lord God, and I will be their God. No one will be able to stand against them and they shall say “whom is like them? Who can deny God is with them?”

Like a master who has unlocked the cage of lions, they shall conquer by the Word of the Lord and my name shall be magnified through them!

I shall send yet another sign to you that I am overturning your course as a tidal wave over turns all in its path.

You shall be filled with fear for the evil and wickedness in your hearts. You will try to blend in but I know those who belong to me and shall shall stand out like a hideous rotten grape-I shall cut you off before your ruin the rest of the branch!

The nations shall know peace because of you. You who meant for evil! The nations who have grown weary because of your ways shall turn to the light for rest and refuge. They will spit you out of their mouths like garbage!

There shall be peace among the nations and Israel because of my great name! You shall try to pollute it with false prophecies but this is not the time of the lawless one, but shall be a time of great prosperity and harvest.

Iran, Lebenon, Palestine, and Iraq shall not advance in the Abraham accord but the rest will.

It shall lead to great peace and prosperity among the nations. Revelation of grace shall break out even among the Muslim nations and people because of this accord. There shall be unity among my people!

Then my eyes shall turn to Israel and jealousy and envy will stir up the nations.

They shall turn in anguish of the desire and their desires will give way to deception and war.

At that time I shall prove myself to Israel that I am the Lord their God whom they have persecuted and killed.

I shall restore my temple among them and my glory will rest upon them"

Says the Lord God.

(C)2024 Tribe of Christians