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God Revealed To Me The Exact Spot Hurricane Ian Would Hit 1 Year Before It happened!

September 27th 2022

Prophetic Word to Florida | Hurricane Ian | The Beginning of a Great Revival Is Coming!

As of this evening, Hurricane Ian has projected to become a hurricane category 4 making landfall off Florida's south western coast by late Wednesday. As many are bracing and preparing for this storm, I was reminded by the Lord of a prophetic word and vision given to me last year on July 15th of 2021 and a second vision July 30th 2021 concerning both a warning and a great hope coming to Florida. These are the two visions I had:

"Prophetic Dream warning to Florida

“Start Your Engine Dream”

July 15th 2021 Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

I had a dream this morning, July 15th, I dreamt there was a man with me and I was following him. There was someplace we needed to go to and resembled/felt like a rescue mission. The man gave me a map, identical to another map he already had and was using. I opened the map, it resembled an older looking map used in exploration ages before technology was invented and resembled the shape of the state of Florida. We were on the upper far western part of the map where the panhandle is. The man then told me to mark and circle 2 places on the map and plot a course to those places. The first plot was due East of us but I could not locate the second plot which was some where due south of the first plot. He told me to look for a temple and said there were people there worshipping idols. I then found it due south of the 1st mark and plotted its course and we began our journey. While on our journey I observed various types of plagues striking the people because of the idolatry that was occurring-I saw various bugs there were biting people and causing irritation and infections, I also saw floods that rose about 3-4ft. The man also warned me to watch for leeches that were attaching on to people and attacking them. Afterwards, I then heard the words spoken to me “start your engine” and I woke up.


I had a second dream concerning Florida where I saw a major black cloud hovering over the waters in the gulf of Mexico close to the western shores of Florida. "

You can view the original words published here:

Up until this very day, I did not understand or know the meaning behind both of those dreams and visions. But now it has been revealed to me the timing and nature of these dreams are in relation to Hurricane Ian, the immigration crisis, and a coming revival that will come to Florida as a result.

My prayer and hope for the people in Florida is this:

This Lord is with you, may He fill you with peace and comfort and lead you through this storm. May you remain steadfast through this, morning will come and the Lord is bringing to you revival and a renewed hope in Him. May the Lord guide you, keep you, and protect you.

-Brandon Dawson

Tribe of Christians



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