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Rapture & End Times Prophetic Dream

Rapture & End Times Prophetic Dream Tribe of Christians host Brandon Dawson shares a prophetic dream he had on Tuesday April 11th 2023 about the rapture of the church, the end times, and the signs that will occur before and after!

(I just wanted to take a second to re-iterate, as mentioned in this video, this is NOT about rapture theology (pre/mid/post), nor is this video about the timing(day/hour) of it’s occurrences. This video was to show the authenticity/affirmation of the Bible’s teaching of the raptures occurrence (which WILL happen) - it’s very nature - and the signs that will accompany it (before/during/and after) that those who do not believe may in fact believe according to what was shared in this video.

My encouragement would be rather than to focus on the theological differences/opinions of the “what ifs” we ought to focus on the authenticity of the gospels message and the prophetic truths of its message that God is REAL, He IS Faithful, and the more the church is unified the better we may operate and serve those around us!)

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