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The Meadow

I hear His words like a fresh meadow  they flourish in their season  though they aren’t seen in the winter The spring brings fourth their colors

They are hidden from the perverse But visible to the righteous  The humble perceive their meaning But confusion is brought to the proud

Like a mighty mountain for all to see Death prevails for those who climb it But glory to those who pass by it

Like the valley in the shadow of death Humility brings life where the meadows lay The rain brings fourth the mist that is carried low and waters all that is beneath it

Who can comprehend the word of the Lord God? The winds obey and the seas prevail They neither have ears to hear nor eyes to see But through the word of the Lord they are sustained 

Who can can tell the mountain to dislodge or the sun to rise Who sets fourth the seasons that bring forth their harvest

Who determines justice between night and day Who has the wisdom that distinguishes good and evil  The word of the Lord establishes their boundaries 

Who can fathom the mysteries of heaven or hell  Who determines where the spirit of the soul goes  But all are determined by the word of the Lord

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