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Trump 2024 Dream, Window of Hope Open But Closing

I dreamt that I was In Jerusalem, Israel. I felt the presence of the Lord and His Holy Spirit with me. And while I was there in Jerusalem, although the message I sensed was Afor Trump, I sensed an anointed of kingship likened to King David. I believe this was to indicate the nature of the message and its urgency.

I then saw and sensed President Trump in emotional distress, in anguish, and in turmoil due to the many political legal charges he is facing. I also sensed financial stress as well. At this moment I sensed a small window of hope, a window of opportunity, as Trump was in a state of humility - that perhaps he would listen and head the message of warning.

Then I sensed an urgency to reach the former president with the warning, to warn him "if he would humble himself, and repent of the evil that occurred in 2020 for attempting to divide the land of Israel for a 2 state solution, and devote himself to the Lord, the Lord God would heal all of the wrong doing and restore to him the presidency but in double portion than before.) I felt the Lord was near to him and was calling him to turn back to him.

Then I attempted to deliver the message to him but it felt like an uphill battle and had to fight my way through legions of guards surrounding him. Each time I made my way through one barrier another barrier would present itself.

It felt as if so many walls of "protection" had been built up around Trump that at this point seemed impossible to reach him in time.

The overall message of the dream, was the church, and Trump, to humble themselves, to seek the Lord in truth, to repent, and turn away from the evils that had been done. If we would do that than we shall have a victory. But if we do not, the trials will only continue and worsen in severity until we are humbled and return to the Lord.


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Oh Brandon I had no idea president Trump did not know what God said about not to Divide his land!

In your dreams you talk about trying to get a hold of him but you can’t get that close to him to tell him.

Could we and the Messianic Jewish women write a letter to go thur telling his wife. He listens to her. Is thereAny addresses we could pray over and send out that you could post for us? You always say never give up and fight the good fight! Amen

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