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Vision of a birth Prophetic Word

Vision of a birth Prophetic Word

January 14th 2021

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

In the very early hours of the morning of Thursday January 14th 2021 I was asleep and had a vision.

I was at the helm of a pregnant woman helping her to deliver a baby. I did not see the woman's face and it was not revealed to me if I knew the woman or not but that she was in distress and that I was helping her to deliver her child.

As I looked I saw the head of her baby crowning and knew that the labor was almost over. I instructed her to give one more push in which then her child broke through the threshold and was born. I did not see the child, if it was a boy or girl, I was only shown the moment of it's birth. I also did not see any blood, I did not see any trauma, there was no complications, just the birth, and then I awoke.

This vision is symbolic and represents the Nation in connection to the US 2020 Elections, and will be a sign of coming disaster that will strike the nation on the NE Coast, NYC, and Washington DC concerning a prophetic word from 2019 of disaster and judgement. And Although disaster will strike the nation it will give birth to a new thing in which the Lord will do. It will lead people to the saving knowledge and grace of Jesus bringing forth repentance and healing.

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-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians