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Warning of Coming Disasters: Financial and Natural

March 25th 2019:

Disaster strikes the Midwest in historic flooding that isn’t over yet which will drive food prices up at the grocery stores. Now red warning lights are flashing over a looming financial disaster that could hit with in a year in the stock markets. All signs that the church NEEDS to start asking the right questions!

Pray for the church in America, pray for the nation and the president, pray for boldness, courage, and a righteous anger to act upon the truth and Gods word! Pray that we STOP looking away and open our eyes and ears to what is taking place. Pray for a great mighty move among Gods people to take hold of the Kingdom and stop neglecting it!

You are NOT weak body of Christ! You have been given power and authority ambassadors of truth! God is not a foreign God but resides in you! That very power that saved you through Jesus is the same power that has given you life through the resurrection of Christ! Stand firm and pick up your sword! Carry your shield and do not coward away Gods very name which He has given you!

“Fight the good fight of faith! Take hold of the eternal life which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses!”- 1 Timothy 6:12



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