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White House, Trump, and Congress Dream April 20th 2022

Wednesday April 20th 2022 I dreamt that I was at the White House. I was sitting in a room with President Trump and about 4 or 5 other people were in the room with us and that was all. President Trump was not the president (dream was in present time) but there was a tv and they were reviewing video footage of what happened during his presidency, the 2020 elections, and the various unending investigations into him. And they were talking about everything that had happened. This was before the 2024 Elections, I got the sense that I was in the present.

While they were discussing the events that had happened to him, I was prompted to stand up and to speak to him. I was going to reveal the truth to him about why everything happened in relation to Israel and the Middle East. And I got the sense that a choice was going to be presented to him after the truth was revealed to him about dividing up the land of Israel. And the choice that was going to be presented to him was if he realized the truth of what happened, and acknowledged the evil of it and would repent from nearly dividing up the land of Israel, than I was going to pray over him and anoint him for the Presidency for a 2nd term.

So I had gotten his full attention and was about to reveal the truth to him but before I could even start someone else entered the room and interrupted the conversation and he was pulled away from the room.

I thought it was only going to be for a moment and he would be back but he never came back. So I left the room to look for him, and I could not find him any where.

Then the dream began to shift, and while I was searching for President Trump I began to see members of the democratic party at the White House and they were drunk and seemed almost to be having a party.

I saw Nancy Pelosi, I saw Chuck Schumer, and I saw various democratic members of congress there and I also saw Hillary Clinton. She was wearing her iconic blue pant suit. As I saw them, they were all trying to greet me but I ignored them and continued in my pursuit to find President Trump. I also noticed that I did not see Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, they were just non-existent in the White House, there was no talk of them from anyone, no familiarity of them, as if they were completely unaffiliated with the White House or government leadership.

But as I continued, I saw evil and lewd acts being performed by these people. I saw massive orgy's that were being conducted, I saw massive perversions and sexual acts being conducted by these people. Some of them were completely naked and they were unashamed. And there was massive drunkenness among them. And even their staffers were involved in the things that were taking place. But I never found President Trump and had began to end my search for him. And I then woke

So I believe this dream can have several implications and meanings to it.

The first impressions of this dream are the dream occurred current present time, and as of right now there is no recourse for a 2nd term as President for Trump. I took it that God wanted to restore everything back to him and in greater capacity than his 1st term and that God was actively seeking out Trump but Trump could not be found by Him and was distracted by other things going on.

My other observations about President Trump was that his inner circle was much smaller and more intimate or impacting than others. The fact that I could not find him present while these evil things were occurring in the White House was also a sign that he was not involved in that type of behavior and revealed sincerity to him.

I also thought it was really strange that Biden or Harris were no where to be found in the white house, that could suggest to me that they are not the ones who are in power or in control of whats taking place.

The lewdness, the sexual perversions, and the drunkenness reminded me of the circumstances that were present among Israels leaders right before the romans destroyed Jerusalem. It also reminded me of the times of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the Bible says that they were eatings and drinking right up until the very moment the floods hit or occurred.

So perhaps some serious judgments are about to fall upon the white house and the capital. It also reminisced of the horrific sins that were occurring in the 1st time just before it was destroyed.



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