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306 Election Prophecy


The evening of the elections, November 3rd, I sent out a message some of you may remember where I said “remember the number 306”. On the night of the elections at around 6pm I heard the number 306 distinctively said to me. At first I thought that number represented how many electoral colleges the President would win. However, as I realized the symbolic significant of that number I was caught off guard, as that number is more sinister. Therefore I held off on publishing that message until today.

The number 9 is a symbol of finality, atonement, completion, and judgement.

Jesus , died exactly at the 9th hour of the day (3pm) when he was crucified on the cross.

The death of Christ was a symbol of the finality of His purpose on earth. He died to pave way for salvation.

The number 9 is also connected to the day of atonement indicated in Leviticus 23.

In relation to number 9, the ‘Day of Atonement’ was to be marked starting in the evening of the 9th day of the seventh month.

The number 9 is also connected to the last king of Israel, The reign of Hoshea.

King Hoshea was the last king to rule in the kingdom of Israel before the kingdom fell.

As a king, he ruled from 732 to 723 BC, marking 9 years of kingship.

Hoshea only became the king of Israel through a conspiracy that saw the killing of Pekah and was installed as King by Assyrian king Sennacherib through Pekah's oath of allegiance and tribute to Assyria.

If the number 9 is the number showing completion, then it is clear that you get your judgment on that day.

The total destruction of Jerusalem Temple began on Ab 9, in the Hebrew Calendar.

Furthermore, Herod’s temple was also burnt by the Romans on this day.

The number 9 is also connected to the first battle in the Scripture

The first recorded battle is found in the book of Genesis 14:1 – 2. This was a battle between an alliance of 5 kings on one side and another 4 on the other side, making a total of 9 kings involved in the first battle mentioned in the Bible.

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