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A Prophecy to the United States "Beware the Raging Sea"

A Prophecy to the United States "Beware the Roaring Sea", January 3 2022

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

The Spirit of the Lord, concerning the United States, says,

"Do you not hear it? Can you not see it? The sea is roaring, and it crashes upon your shores. The wind is blowing, and it arouses the sea against dry land. There is coming a great cleansing where the sea shall wash away the filth that has made your land useless.

I shall strike fear in all those who have built their houses on shifting sand. I shall turn their faces to the storm that is coming, their hearts will fail them for what they will see.

I will remove from you the roots that have produced thorns and thistles that have caused your grounds to be unfertile.

I will send crows who will eat away the dead seeds that produce nothing.

The ox will then trample your grounds, they will shake it up and plow it for my coming harvest.

Then shall arise good seed on good soil who will yield a crop 100 times greater.

Let those who have been firmly planted stand fast for nothing will be able to uproot them. Their faith will be as that of the mustard, though one of the smallest of all seed they shall tower the tallest over any other tree ."



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