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A Word from the Holy Spirit "Don't cut your cactus down!"

Last night the Holy Spirit gave me a message to share with you today.

“Not every seed is the same. If your seed produces a cactus don’t cut it down because it’s not an apple tree.”

It might be tempting to look and compare yourself to another believers ministry, church, or life. Don’t do that otherwise you will completely miss out on the incredible blessing and purpose your own life/ministry serves.

The cactus may not “look” as glorious, beautiful, or “tasteful” as the apple tree but the apple tree cannot survive in a desert but a cactus can! Not many other crops can compete in a desert and when the time and need arises the cactus will stand out above and beyond any other crop.

We are heading into a time of “wilderness” where hearts are refined!

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

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