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While watching the short HBO WW2 documentary series "BAND OF BROTHERS," I sensed the Holy Spirit of the Lord come upon me and began to stir up inquiries in my heart. Concerning WW2 and Nazi Germany's invasion of Europe, I asked the Lord, "Why England?" This is what immediately followed my question:

Friday, June 21 2024

A Word From The Lord:

A Prophecy Against England


I heard the Lord say to me,


“Direct your gaze towards England and prophesy against it.


Who has anointed you as ruler over my people? Who has bestowed upon you the title of King over Israel? What right do you possess to determine the destiny of my chosen inheritance? Where is your deed to my land, England? From whom did you acquire it? Am I not the true owner? Did I not purchase and redeem them? Did I not call them by my name? Did I not gather them from all corners of the world?


Show me your receipt. Tell me which captives are bonded to you. Do you know each of them by name?


You have proclaimed, “This land is ours, for we are the true heirs of Israel.” You have elevated yourselves above other nations, asserting a pure lineage from ancient kings. Have you not based your claims on a deceitful ancestry from my anointed one, Israel, and justified your intentions through self-decreed purity?


Therefore, I sent you the pestilences of war from the very idol you have declared over yourselves. A spirit of deception crept up among the people of a nation that declared itself superior to all other nations and races on the earth. Through your very deception, I lowered you before the nations and exalted my name above all names. Out of your deception, I fulfilled my vows to Israel, which is my chosen inheritance.  I exalted Israel to the place of honor; its beauty arose from its ashes. I revealed your deceitful lies for the world to see that you are no greater than the very ground you were taken from.


And yet, you have not turned away, for you have not denounced your idolatry, in the very bloodline in which you worship and have appointed yourselves higher than those I have anointed.


You have said in your heart, "For who can wage war against me? I am a fortress, for I am the son of a god, and my throne shall never be taken from me."


Therefore, I will bring the sword against you, for I will lay siege to your fortresses, bring down your towers and every high place on which you sit, lower your thrones, and remove your footstools. I will bring an army against you that will trample over your palaces.


I will appoint a ruler over you, then what will you have to say for yourselves? I will make an example of you throughout all the nations while my chosen people, Israel, will watch from afar in safety.


Then, you will stand before the courts of another ruler, subject to foreign laws and decrees that you so lavishly enjoyed at the expense of my own people. Will they have the same grace that you showed to Israel? Will they declare your right to exist? What, then, will you say for yourselves? Will they spare you the humiliation you did not show in kindness to others? Who then will decree England to be sovereign?"


WW2 Revealed and WW3 announced:

The Lord revealed the idolatry and deception of England, which has long proclaimed to be a lineage from the Israeli Tribe of Judah and has exalted itself over the nations, in particular, Israel. Therefore, the Lord God raised up another nation proclaiming the same lie (Nazism - the lie of a superior race) to lay siege against it. And through this, the Lord exalted Israel and brought them back into their homeland.

Because England has not turned away from this lie, the Lord will bring the sword against it again - the same idolatry in which it worships "The Sword of King Arthur".




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