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Coming Famine, Economic Crash, & 2024 Elections Prophetic Dream Dec 8th, 2023

Friday December 8th 2023

I dreamt that I saw a black horse. I had some level of conciousness in the dream and remember thinking Revelation 6 concerning the four horsement. From there I knew right away the image of the black horse was tied to a coming famine or economic crash/down turn.

Then I got a sense and diserned conversations were taking place among the DNC, Democtratic, Liberal, and Progressive groups planning in how to manipulate the economy and a crash to their advantange in order to win or manipulate a favorable 2024 election outcome.

I did not see who won the 2024 elections or who the primary candidates were only that this was concrning 2024 and the 2024 US Presidential elections.



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