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Coming Famine Prophetic Word | Vision of Black Horse

Yesterday evening, February 15th 2023, at approximately 11pm, while awake, I saw a vision of black horse that appeared before me. It was there for several minutes until the vision vanished.

Also upon seeing this, my wife (unknowingly of my vision) also heard the sounds of horse hooves.

Upon prayer and my discernment through the Holy Spirit I did not sense this was the black horse rider of the apocalypse mentioned in Revelation 6. However, what I sensed in the Spirit was a warning of coming global famine, new and rising challenges beyond the crisis of the 2020 pandemic and the challenges posed from the war in Ukraine. This one appears and senses to be much different, much greater, more wide spread and may be connected to a coming war with China or another major pandemic outbreak.

It will impact everything from global food supplies to economy financial sectors/jobs as well as technology.

I do not have a sense on a "time frame" of when it will begin/occur, but when it does occur it will come suddenly and without anticipation. Perhaps an unforeseen global event that occurs that will impact the nations.

My encouragement to the churches is this:

Stock up on your churches food pantries at least 3X more than the amount than normal. REMEMBER, you will not only be serving your congregations but also our communities. Develop a plan for this ASAP, keep inventory and record, have a plan of action.

Include medical supplies, batteries, pet food, batteries, can openers, light bulbs, basic household hardware tools, stationary supplies (pen/pencils/envelopes, paper, tape, etc), stamps, soaps/cleaners, detergents, blankets/jackets.

For others, do the same as mentioned above. No matter how small or insignificant you may be able to, begin to stock up or purchase extra of during your weekly shopping.


Make sure the tires on your vehicle our significantly adequate to last for at least another 1 -2 years. Make sure you get all repairs done asap needed on any vehicles and have tools/parts needed. Get a tune up done on your vehicle if no repairs needed - battery/spark plugs/ belts/ windshield wipers/ radiator/engine flush, etc

If you need any dental/vision/medical work done do it NOW. Do not put this off any longer. If you do not need anything, get an extra pair of contacts/glasses etc.

Shop for at least 2 years in advance worth of shoes for your children and shoe sizes if possible. Check the good will and 2nd hand shops for clothing etc. Ensure your shoes are inadequate shape.

In the event a major confrontation breaks out concerning China/Taiwan, it will impact EVERYTHING including ALL ITEMS THAT REQUIRE RUBBER/PLASTIC.



Christ is Risen
Christ is Risen


Your vision is similar to dreams I've been having. In October 10, 2020, I had a set of 3 dreams in one night. In my 1st dream I dreamt that my husband, our two kids, and I were about to sit at the table to have dinner. The table was served and on it was all kinds of food stack up so high like an all-you-can eat buffet and we proceeded to sit, after that I woke up. Once again I fell asleep and once again same dream but this time on the table before us was one plate per each of us. On the plates were one serving of meat, and two servings of vegetables and we proceeded…

Brandon Dawson
Brandon Dawson

Thank you for sharing

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