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Dream of massive fires in Manhattan Sky Riser Buildings!

Saturday Morning July 31, 2021

Saturday Morning July 31, 2021

I had a dream and saw massive fires break out throughout many sky line high riser buildings in Manhattan. It was in the month of December near Christmas time. I also saw the fires occurring approximately 4-4:30pm in the late afternoon. This dream resembled the other dreams concerning NYC/Manhattan where I saw fires with a looming tidal wave off its Atlantic coast.

In the dream, I saw a 1st fire had broken out near the top floor of a high rise building in Manhattan. The blaze from the fire was magnificently large! And as I looked I saw a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fire also break out near the top floors of other high riser buildings. The fires were so massive they began to spread throughout the city. And I woke. It wasn’t clear to me how the fires began but it was clear to me it was the month of December and I saw the time which read about 4:30PM.

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians



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