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MAJOR PROPHETIC UPDATE, Prophetic Vision Warning to England

Prophetic Vision

War Coming to England/Europe

Monday May 10th 2021

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

Monday Night, May 10th, while I was asleep I had a vision.

I saw the Lord standing behind a water font. In front of Him was a mass of people and I was next to the Lord. Then I saw the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, appear before the water font. She did not appear in age as she is now but a younger form of herself. The Lord then told the Queen to cup her hands into the water font and scoop out water into her hands(forming a cup). Then the Lord told me to look into the water that was in her hands and tell him what I saw.

I saw a sword. He said to me “you have seen correctly”. I did not understand so I asked the Lord it's meaning? He told me “the sword is an English Sword representing war that will be brought against England and Europe”. Then I woke.



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