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NYC Dream: Massive Fires, Red Sky, Tidal Wave (July 20th 2020)

NYC Dream: Massive Fires, Red Sky, Tidal Wave Monday July 20th 2020

In the dream I was in Manhattan, it was near the evening time just prior to sunset, and began to see massive fires throughout the entire city of NYC. I was not shown specifically which Burroughs (i.e Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx etc) but had a knowledge that this was wide spread -predominantly NYC. I did not see what caused the fires, but it resembled a bombing or an attack of some sorts. The fires were so massive the entire sky over NYC was heavy red and orange filled with smoke. I could hear the sirens of fire trucks and emergencies crews all over the city. There were people in complete panic throughout the streets running to escape the fires.

I saw many people fleeing to JFK airport (located in Queens NYC towards the Rockaways) attempting to leave the city by plane but the planes could not take off due to the massive amounts of smoke in the air and all planes were grounded. From there I turned towards Coney Island and the Ocean and saw many attempting to flee the city by boat. While I observed the people trying to flee the city by boat I saw far off into the distance a massive huge tidal wave barreling towards the city in the direction towards the Hudson Bay (where the Statue of Liberty Is/Wall St. and the Freedom Tower) and knew that no one would be able to escape the wave.

Then I woke.


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Todd Warren
Todd Warren
15 may 2022

We have been so arrogant in our attitude concerning sin and the Holiness of God. He has been using almost gentle ways to try and lead us to repent! But we continue to walk in sin, and this includes the church. I think that the judgment and destruction will come soon! It’s almost too late for many people to repent and turn to Jesus for salvation.

Me gusta
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