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Prophetic CDC Phone Call of Coming Plague

Original Publication on personal social media FB page June 5th 2017

"I can honestly tell you there are absolutely no coincidences with God! None! I have been hearing and sensing in the Spiritual Realm a word circulating the past few days of a coming major disease or plague outbreak. While eating dinner this evening, I got a weird eerie call from the CDC conducting automated surveys. I honestly did not know they did that sort of thing. I was also reading earlier today in 1 Samuel chapters 3-6 where the Philistines stole the Ark Of The Covenant from the Israelites and God sent plagues over the Philistines. If what I am hearing and sensing is true and correct, this indicates there is coming a plague over the nation and there may in fact be some connection in relating to stealing of anointing or even connected to something occurring in an election period or cycle. However, if it follows the pattern of 1 Samuel 3 - 6, it also may reveal a return of that anointing/restoration."



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