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Prophetic Dream Concerning Afghanistan, Middle East, United States, and NYC


8/21/2021 Prophetic Dream Concerning Afghanistan, Middle East United States, and NYC

I have had a series of dreams Beginning July 31t, August 14th, and August 21st.

Last night, Friday/Saturday August 20-21st, I had a 2 part dream.

8/21/2021 The 1st part of the dream was focused in/on the Middle East beginning with Afghanistan.

(Part 1 of Dream)

Although it was not confirmed to me, I believe I was either in Israel, near Israel, or perhaps just some where in the Middle East. I was on a US Military Compound with other fellow American Citizens/civillians awaiting for evacuation out of the area. I was immediately aware in the dream, of events unfolding in Afghanistan concerning the pull out of US Military Troops. Suddenly I was shown a map and shown several nations, in connection to Afghanistan, that joined forced and began a war against the United States and it's allies.

I saw predominantly Persian nations. I saw the nations of Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, and Jordan which extended it's forces into Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I also saw the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas joining influence and forces with Taliban Afghanistan forces. They began attacking and killing Americans and anyone associated with the United States.

(Part 2 of Dream)

Than the dream shifted to the United States, specifically Manhattan in NYC, NY. I was in a restaurant. It was approximately 4:30-5pm in the evening time. I looked out a window and saw what I can only describe as rockets or missiles falling from the sky causing massive explosions and fires.

I then went outside and saw massive chaos and panic. I saw many people flock to the ATM's to withdraw as much money as they could from their banks. I also observed people in bullet proof vest and armor ambushing people at the ATM's, robbing people of their money, attacking them, and looting all of the stores in the area.

Then I woke up.

8/14/2021 Prophetic Dream Concerning NYC/ Long Island/Atlantic Ocean

I dreamt my wife and I were visiting in NYC and were taking the Long Island Railroad out to Long Island. While traveling I looked out my window, to the right where the Atlantic Ocean was, and saw the entire Atlantic Ocean being moved in an enormous mass towards Long Island, NYC, the Rockaways, and Manhattan.

The ocean mass was larger than any fictionalized disaster film (2012, Day After Tomorrow, Geostrom, ETC). I immediately felt terrified and my life flashed before my eyes. I looked at my wife with the last remaining seconds waiting upon the impact.

After the impact of the ocean I saw entire villages, towns, streets, cars, apartments and sky risers hundreds of feet below the water.

Than I woke.

07/31/2021 Prophetic Dream Concerning NYC/Manhattan

I was inside of a sky riser building located somewhere in Manhattan. I observed there being Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Gifts, etc. My guess it was near the month of December. As I looked out one of the windows of I saw a massive explosion/fire occurring near the top of one of the Sky Riser Buildings across from me. As I observed the fire I also observed 2 and 3 more buildings catching fire. I looked at the time and saw that it was approximately 4:30pm in the afternoon/evening.

Than I woke.



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The Lord has given me a burden to pray for our country, listening and reading about your dreams and visions only confirms I need to stay the course. I do appreciate what you are doing.

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