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Prophetic Dream Concerning US Troop Deployment

***Prophetic Dream*** I had a dream last night, Tuesday February 1st-2nd 2022,

I saw US troops being deployed to Europe. It was early stages of a coming world war. I saw the troops eating in a chow hall and over heard their conversations. They were over confident and under estimating the threat they were about to face. They had faced no opposition and had a few early successes but could not see the masses of troops forming on the horizon. While they were talking I was able to see into their future and saw horrible blood shed and fighting greater than both world wars combined and they would suffer heavy losses.

Please pray for our nations leadership, for our troops, for wisdom and discernment, and pray over the grave events that are unfolding. Woke up this morning after that dream to read headlines our troops already being deployed.

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians



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