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Prophetic Dream of Massive Storm & Tidal Wave NYC 9/26/21

Prophetic Dream of Massive Storm & Tidal Wave NYC 9/26/21

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

I dreamt I was standing inside of a skyriser building in manhattan. I knew I was dreaming and was somewhat aware of my surroundings and what was occuring. I could hear the sounds of massive thunderclaps that would shake the entire building. The sounds of thunder where so loud that they were giving off concusive sound waves and could feel the vibrations upon my face. At one point I even thought to myself, "it must be severing storming outside (in real life)" but the storm only existed within the dream.

As it severely thundered I walked over to a window looking out to the east. I could see massive storm clouds that completely engulfed the entire landscape and the building. I could also see the lightning strikes that were ripping through the entire sky. It was a massive storm like I had never seen before.

As I observed the storm clouds and the lightning strikes I could see towards the ground level towards the coastline where the Atlantic Ocean was. I saw the ocean waves severely rocking as they would in a major storm, kind of like if it where a hurricane. As I watched the waves rocking the shores I observed the waves growing larger and larger in strength and in size. And then suddenly, as I have seen so many times in previous dreams, a massive Tsunami barreling over the coast and over took the entire city.

And than I woke.



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