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Prophetic Dream of Sexual Perversions Occurring to Human Bodies

This dream was original published on my personal social media FB page October 3rd 2011 (before the creation of the Tribe of Christians Ministries) and before my prophetic calling was given and is being added for record and for ministry credibility and accountability.

"I had a dream that I can't explain what it means or why I had it but I feel like it concerns the future. I dreamt that I saw a perversion of some sort that was occurring with men and women. I dreamt and saw men from the top of their bodies who were biologically men but from the bottom down they had women female parts. I also saw the same thing was occurring with women. I saw women who were women from the top of their bodies but had men genital parts from the bottom down. It was extremely unnatural and horrific to see."

I did not understand what the dream meant at first but knew it was significant for the future. At that time transgender surgeries were extremely rare and unheard of. I believe the dreamt indicated a major sociological change and perversion would begin occurring among our nations society concerning the LGBT community as a sign of the end times as described by the apostle Paul.



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