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Prophetic Dream: Russia Takes Ukraine

May 5th 2022

Prophetic Dream: Russia Takes Ukraine

I was watching the news on TV. On the TV appeared a map similarly to the one in the picture. The areas in Russian control were in the color of yellow/orange. While watching the TV, I saw the map begin flashing or blinking and I saw the entire country of Ukraine had been colored in and I saw the words “Russia takes Ukraine“. I was completely shocked and surprised at what I saw.

Then the dream shifted.

I was standing in what appeared to be Moscow and in front of it’s capital building. I saw many persian and Asian countries beginning to appear in Moscow which they were coming to pay homage to Russia, where I also saw India. With them I also saw the principality of Persia, the one spoken of from the Prophet Daniel. I saw what appeared to be new and greater alliances forming with Russia. I saw major hostilities towards Americans and the United States. While seeing this I also saw an attempted coup to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin from within his own people or inner circle that was directed by the United States and the FBI but was unsuccessful. The attempted coup resulted in the strengthening of Vladimor Putin.

Than I woke.



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