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Prophetic Dream: Something Historic Is About To Happen Red Sea Moment Coming!

Prophetic Dream: Something Historic Is About To Happen Red Sea Moment Coming

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In the first dream, I dreamt that I was back home in my home town community in the outskirts of Houston TX. And I was in my highschool gym where a fellowship of Christian Athletes were meeting together and praying. When I entered the dream, first thing I saw were angels that were present in the gym where the Christian athletes groups were meeting and praying, and they were all about 8 – 10 feet tall. And with them I saw many different age groups of kids ranging from elementary ages to high school ages and they were playing basketball and interacting with the kids. None of the kids were aware of the angels but I saw them there.

And so I saw the Fellowship of Christians Athletes students were coming together in groups between 50 – 100 students, so this tells me that something spiritual was taking place among the students and the schools, and then while these groups were meeting I suddenly saw a mobilization of the department of justice along with other federal enforcement groups, and even some military personnel began to swarm the schools and they were going after the kids.

I saw the federal government began to threaten the kids of imprisonment, I saw kids were being detailed by these federal agents, I saw drug testing’s going on, and it was like a severe government over-reach and a persecution towards Christian students was happening.

And while this was taking place, I suddenly saw the Holy Spirit begin to move among some of the adults and parents of a major warning for the kids, and told them to get out of the schools. And then I saw a few of the adults stand up, and began to lead this massive, and I mean massive, caravan of students out of the schools.

The dream went from me seeing groups of 50 -100 kids to suddenly thousands upon thousands of kids beging ushered out of the schools in lines and massive droves. And I was taken up above the schools and the students and what I saw looked like the thousands of Jews that Moses led out of Egypt across the Red Sea- It resembled a massive red sea crossing moment.

I did not see where they went, but that they were being led out and protected by the Spirit.

And I saw that three nights in a row.

The other dream that I saw, which came right after that dream, I saw something occuring concerning the Baseball World Series that hadn’t happened in the US in over 50 years…

I saw two teams, one in definitely was the Houston Astros, which have made it to the playsoffs for every year for the last 5 years I believe, and even making it to the series twice I believe. But I knew for a fact the Astros was one of the teams.

I didn’t see specifically who the other team was but I knew they were from the North East, and my initial instincts tells me, it was the NY Mets.

But I saw massive amounts of people in every major city out to watch the world series, and I heard every one every where talking about it, and in almost every conversation I heard, I kept hearing the Houston Astros.

My initial thoughts are that this indicates most likely Houston is going to win the coming world series.

So you may be asking yourselves, what does this have to do with anything? Why is the Lord revealing this? What’s significant about this world series when looking at the bigger picture.

Well, the last time the Lord gave me visions concerning the world series was May and June of 2017, along with visions of hurricane Harvey.

Several weeks ago, July 21st I had two back to back dreams concerning a massive hurricane or storm hitting the NE Coast, and I want to say that this storm was also extremely historic for the US for the East Coast.

Since then, I have had several dreams concerning the East Coast, NYC, and things happening concerning China.

I don’t know if its all connected for the same time frame, or if it’s an indicator of a starting point of some major things, in what I believe actually will be historically things occurring not just for the United States but the world. I can’t say for certain if this also relates to coming storms specifically or if it intels a more things that will be happening, I can’t say for 100% certainty, but I do know that were about to see some things really happening on a massive level.



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